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The WorldWide Celebration
Philippine Centennial

The Official Philippine Centennial Site Philippine Centennial Commission
The Official Philippine Centennial Commission Site.

The Philippine Centennial Logo. The Philippine Centennial Vision. The Philippine Centennial Five Year Plan. Objectives of the 1998 Program. June 12, 1998 - The 100th Anniversary. Commemoration of Historical Events. Expo Filipino. The Philippine Centennial Movement.

Philippine Independence Centennial Celebration in Austria 1998
Austria-Philippine Website

Austria celebrates the Philippine Centennial in tribute to the special friendship between Austria and the Philippines.

Expo Filipino Expo Filipino
The Official Site of the Philippine Centennial Exposition Corp.

Philippine Centennial
Chicago and Midwest States U.S.A.

Bb. Pilipinas-Centennial Midwest-USA. Philippine showcase and exhibits at world-renowned museums in Chicago. Events scheduled by the Philippine Independence Centennial Council of Chicago/

Philippine Centennial Celebration
Society of Filipino American Young Professionals

June 12, 1998 will be the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Philippines as claimed from Spain after three hundred years of colonization. In commemoration of this historical highlight, multiple events will be conducted throughout Chicago and the world. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago will present two exhibits on the Philippine Centennial:
  • Voyage of a Nation: The Philippines
  • Vanishing Treasures of the Philippine Rain Forest
The Spirit of Kalayaan 98
Toronto, Canada.

Toronto proudly hosts Canada's largest Filipino Cultural Celebration. On July 11 our Philippine Centennial Celebration gathers over 50,000 Filipino's from across North America at Toronto's Skydome Stadium.

Philippine Centennial Celebration
Orange County, California

On June 1998, Filipinos all over the world will be celebrating this centennial. In Orange County, CA we will hold a series of cultural and performing arts presentations to mark this event. Our goals in this grand celebration are to instill pride in the ideals of our Philppine heritage, culture, and in our contributions to the communities in which we live; involve our communities in the celebration so that they may be enlightened; and reach out to veryone in our search for collective empowerment.
Events in the California.

The Philippine History Group of Los Angeles logo

Philippine Centennial Series
Articles from the Philippine History Group of Los Angeles (PHGLA) on the centennial of Philippine historical events.

by the Filipino Community Network
Articles on Philippine Independence

Rizal Martyrdom Centennial

Rizal Martyrdom Centennial
Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine hero who aroused the national consciousness of his countrymen and was executed by a firing squad in 1896 during the Spanish colonial rule, is felled but he remains proud and unyielding with head held high.
The Filipino Ward, Jose Rizal, La Independencia
Used with permission
from Jim Zwick

A Collaborative Exploration of the Cultural and Political Impacts of the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War
Kasaysayan 98
A folio of Historical Paintings by Zny Laygo.

Roots in Asia. Winds of Change. Iberian Mantle. Seeds of Nationalism. Flames of Revolution. Freedom and Betrayal. New Conquistadores. Two faces of Assimilation. Dark Side of the Sun. Break of an Uncertain Dawn. People Power. Legacy of Freedom

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