He led 2,000 warriors in raiding the Spanish shipyards in Camarines in 1627.

He defended Jolo against Spanish attack in 1638. However, sickness within the fort forced him and the other datus to surrender after three months of fighting. He escaped soon after. He was one of the greatest leaders of Sulu. Under him, the Sultanate of Sulu reached its peak.

Date of Birth: Unrecorded
Place of Birth: Unrecorded
Date of Death: Unrecorded

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Learning Message:

Mahalaga ang tatag ng loob sa lahat ng panahon. (A strong will is important at all times.)

May mga panahong kailangan nating yumuko upang magkaroon tayo ng kakayahang tumayo nang mas matatag sa hinaharap. (There are times when we have to bow before adversity, so that we can stand more firmly in the future.)

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