He led an attack on Camp Rumbough, an American detachment, in 1903.

He built forts in many places, including in Tumpak, Kaunayan, Sangai-Tunggal, Kamasarin, and Sinumaan.

The Americans attacked his fort at Sinumaan. The trenches he built around the fort did not stop the enemy from advancing. He and 74 other warriors were killed in battle.

Date of Birth: Unrecorded
Place of Birth: Unrecorded
Date of Death: 1903 (?)

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Wala nang hihigit pang kadakilaan kaysa pag-alay ng buhay sa bayan. (No greatness can equal the offering of one's life country.)

Mahalaga ang tatag ng loob sa lahat ng panahon. (A strong will is important at all times.)


At 16, he serve as prime minister of the Sultanate of Sulu.

A master of the Koran and Arabic, he made use of his learning by continuously working for peace among the Sulu leaders and between the latter and the Spanish and American colonizers.

Time and again, he was able to prevent bloodshed by pacifying his people, especially during the early American rule.

Date of Birth: 1865
Place of Birth: Jolo
Date of Death: February 22, 1938

Values Exhibited:
  Love for peace
  Desire for education

Learning Message:

Ang kaalaman ay mahalaga sa pagtatamo ng adhikain. (Knowledge is important in achieving one's goal.)

Ang pagkakaisa ay kailangan upang makamit ang kapayapaan. (Unity is a prerequisite in attaining peace.)

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