He was the elder and only brother of Jose Rizal.

While he was studying in Manila, he lived and worked with Father Jose Burgos, one of the martyred priests. This was probably the reason he a became libertarian and outspoken in denouncing the abuses of the friars.

Being the elder son, he helped the family in managing their farm and acted as a second father to his siblings, particularly to Jose who was ten years younger than him. He took care of his brother's education in Europe.

He collected contributions to finance the Propaganda Movement. He Solicited subscription for the Diariong Tagalog, a nationalist newspaper. He also supported the Katipunan by propagating its ideals in Laguna.

When Jose was incarcerated in Fort Santiago in 1896, Paciano was also arrested. Even if tortured, he refused to implicate his younger brother.

After the execution of Jose, he went to Imus, Cavite and offered his services to General Emilio Aguinaldo. He become the military commander of the revolutionary forces in Laguna.

He also took part in the Filipino-American War.

Date of Birth: March 7, 1851
Place of Birth: Calamba, Laguna
Date of Death: April 13, 1930

Values Exhibited:

  Love and respect for others

Learning Message:

Ang batang kinalinga ng pamilyang mapagmahal at may tiwala sa sarili ay magiging matagumpay. A child who grew up well-love by family and nurtured with self confidence will be successful in life.)

Ang pagmamalasakit sa kapakanan ng kapwa ay katumbas rin ng pagmamahal sa sarili at sa Lumikha. (Concern for others is like love for one's self and love of God.)

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