In Taal, Batangas he rendered free legal services to the poor and oppressed. Outside his office was an inscription: "Free legal services to the poor anytime."

In 1868, when he was nine years old, he saw from the balcony of his study room a group of carabineros apprehending and trusting up his uncle. He went down and asked what they were doing to his uncle. They said that he was suspected of being a tobacco smuggler. Agoncillo bravely told them that his uncle was not a thief and should not be treated that way. Shames, the carabineros took off man's handcuffs.

He served as a diplomat lobbying for the recognition of the Philippine independence. He went to U.S. and Paris to protest against the Treaty of Paris.

When the Filipino-American Hostilities were over, Agoncillo returned to the Philippines a poor man. He had used up all his savings going from one country to another presenting the case of the Philippines. He had even sold his wife's jewelry.

Date of Birth: May 26, 1859
Place of Birth: Taal, Batangas
Date of Death: September 29, 1941

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Kailangan ang katapatan upang magkaunawaan (Truth is needed to attain understanding.)

Kailangan ng mga sawimpalad ang pagkalinga ng mga higit na mapalad. (The less fortunate need care from the more fortunate.)

Kayamanan, oras, at kahit na buhay ay maiaalay ng taong nagmamahal sa bayan. (A person who loves his or her country can offer to it wealth, time or even life itself.

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