A teacher when the revolution broke out in 1896, he urged the fathers of his pupils to join the Katipunan.

He was the commanding officer of Battalion Trias that took part in various bloody engagements against the Spaniards in Cavite and in the suburbs of Manila.

He also fought the Filipino-American war and won the Battle of Mabitac in 1899.

Date of Birth: November 10, 1871
Place of Birth: Nasugbu, Batangas
Date of Death: June 28, 1951

Values Exhibited:


Learning Message:

Iginagalang ang taong may pinag-aralan (An educated person is respected.)

May mga pagkakataong kailangan nang lumaban upang maipagtanggol ang karapatan. (There are times when one has fight to protect one's right.)


His claim to immortality is that he was the only Tagalog general to lead a full scale military expedition to the Visayas Against the Spanish forces. He was also among the very few who, in the "twilight of the period of the revolution" bravery undertook guerrilla warfare against the Americans.

General Diokno began his military career as Secretary of War in the departmental government of Batangas. He distinguished himself in several battles in the Batangas-Laguna-Tayabas zone. The expedition to the Visayas he led has for its purpose the annihilation of the Spanish stronghold in that region at the same time unifying the Visayan rebel forces with the Central Revolutionary Government of Aguinaldo. This he was able to carry out.

The American government in 1916 offered him the directorship of the Bureau of Agriculture, but he refused because he believed it is a disloyalty to his country to serve the very foreigners who suppressed its independence.

Date of Birth: January 22, 1860
Place of Birth: Taal, Batangas
Date of Death: November 2, 1922

Values Exhibited:

  Love of Country

Learning Message:

Madaling matamo ang tagumpay kung may pagkakaisa. (It is easy to succeed if there is unity.)

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