She was the only woman general in the Philippine revolution.

She fought in the battlefield against the Spanish forces and became known as "Henerala Agueda."

For there days, she helped in the attack on San Pablo town in Laguna. As she rode her horse, holding a gun in one hand and a dagger in the other, she called to her men to follow her and charge against the enemy.

Date of Birth: Unrecorded
Place of Birth: Unrecorded
Date of Death: Unrecorded

Values Exhibited:

  Love of Country

Learning Message:

Ang mabuting pinuno ay nagpapakita ng magandang halimbawa sa kanyang mga kasamahan. (A good leader serves as the role model of his or her followers.)

Ang pagmamalasakit sa kapakanan ng kapwa ay katumbas na rin ng pagmamahal sa sarili at sa Lumikha. (Concern for others is the same as love for self and the Creator.)


He established his own drugstore in Cavite. He succeeded in distilling oil from native flowers, such as sampaguita, champaca, and ilang-ilang, and improved the taste of cigarettes that he produced. He distributed free medicine during the cholera epidemic of 1892.

A Mason, he was arrested and jailed in Fort San Filipe, Cavite. He defended himself in court, but was shot with the other Cavite martyrs.

Date of Birth: May 28, 1863
Place of Birth: Cavite, Cavite
Date of Death: September 12, 1896

Values Exhibited:

  Love and Learning

Learning Message:

Ang kaalamang natamo sa loob at labas ng paaralan ay maaaring gamitin para sa kaunlaran ng lipunan. (We can use knowledge gained in and out of school for socio-economic development.)

Wala nang hihigit pang kadakilaan sa pagalay ng buhay sa bayan. (Nothing can be noble than offering one's life to the country.)

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