He wrote musical compositions and zarzuelas (operettes), and translated Spanish poems into Iloco. One day, Spanish civil guards arrested him, his father, and his brother, Francisco, for being Masons. They were brought to Manila, where they were tortured. After a year, they were released and allowed to return to Candon.

He recruited town leaders and informed a rebel army for an uprising against the Spaniards. In March 1896, he joined forces with Isabelo Abaya. Together, they attacked the Spanish quarters and killed the parish priest and an offer. When Spanish reinforcements arrived three days later, the rebels retreated to the mountains. After the losing battle, his brother were able to flee southward. they were caught and imprisoned in Tubao, La Union. But, again, they manage to escape.

Date of Birth: Around 1860
Place of Birth: Candon, Ilocos Sur
Date of Death: 1939

Values Exhibited:
  Love of the arts
  Culture consciousness

Learning Message:

Ang kultura ay salamin ng mga adhikain at pangarap ng isang lahi. (Culture mirrors the goals and dreams of a race.)

Ang sining ay isang behikulo sa pagpapalaganap ng pagmamahal sa bayan at sa mga mamamayan. (Art can serve as a vehicle for enhancing the development of love of country among the citizens.)

Kailangan tayong magsipag upang umasenso. (We have to be industrious to attain progress.)


He was an Ibanag writer. He became the wealthiest person in Isabela after founding Campania Cagayan, a subsidary of Campania General de Tabacos.When Aguinaldo appointed him as provincial governor, he used his own money to meet administrative expenses, including the maitenance of troops.

Date of Birth: Unrecorded
Place of Birth: Cabagan, Isabela
Date of Death: March 18, 1909

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Ang pagmamalasakit sa kapakanan ng kapwa tulad ay tulad na rin ng pagmamahal sa sarili at sa Lumikha. (Concern for one's fellow is the same as love for self and Creator.)

Ang pagmamahal sa bayan ay maipapamalas sa iba't-ibang paraan. (Love of country may be shown in varied ways.)

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