He imbided his nationalistic ideas from his uncle, Valentin Diaz, a founder of Katipunan. He was imprisoned after refusing to kiss the hand of a friar during welcome party in his hometown.

He joined the Katipunan in 1893. Leading a group of volunteers, he protected the town during the Revolution from looters masquerading as Katipuneros. He captured Mangaldan and Dagupan in Pangasinan from the Spaniards. He was put in charge of revolutionary forces in central Pangasinan by Emilio Aguinaldo.

Date of Birth: July 21, 1870
Place of Birth: St. Barbara, Pangasinan
Date of Death: December 28, 1941

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Ang paghangad ng kalayaan ay isang karapatdapat na adhikain. (The pursuit of freedom is a worthwhile goal.)

Ang buong loob na pakikilahok ay kailangan upang makamit ang kalayaan. (Determined participation is needed to succeed in any undertaking.)


He organized a revolutionary group under the umbrella of Gen. Francisco Makabulos. He was elected to the Malolos Congress in 1898.

He fought with Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo against the Americans who captured him in 1900.

Date of Birth: April 5, 1860
Place of Birth: San Jacinto, Pangasinan
Date of Death: December 30, 1900

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Mahalaga ang tatag ng loob sa panahon ng digmaan o kapayapaan. (Determination is important in time of war or peace.)

Ang kalagayan ng bansa sa isang panahon ay lumikha ng natatanging kalipunan ng mga bayani. (The situation in a country at a particular time creates its own breed of heroes and heroines.)

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