An architect, he served in the corps of volunteer engineers during the Filipino-American War.

In 1898, he supervised the repair of the convent of the Barasoian Church for the use of the Revolutionary Government.

Date of Birth: November 13, 1872
Place of Birth: Tondo, Manila
Date of Death: April 20, 1920

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Palusugin ang mga tanging kakayanang ipagkaloob ng Diyos sa pamamagitan ng paggawa at pag-aaral sa abot ng makakaya. (Hone your God-given talents by using them to the best of your ability.)

Ang pagmamahal sa bayan ay maipamamalas sa iba't-ibang paraan. (Love of country may be shown in a number of ways.)


The youngest sibling of Andres Bonifacio, she helped the Katipuneros even when she had just lost her husband, Teodoro Plata.

At a designated spot, she would wait for the rebels to give guns stolen or collected from attacks on Spanish soldiers. As they would race back into hiding, she would quickly stash the weapons under her big skirt.

Aside from her husband, she also lost her three brothers Ciriaco, Procopio, and Andres who were killed by forces loyal to Aguinaldo in 1897.

Date of Birth: December 14, 1875
Place of Birth: Manila
Date of Death: May 26, 1956

Values Exhibited:
  Love of Country

Learning Message:

Ang mga mabubuting ugali ng isang kasapi ng pamilya ay nagsisilbing halimbawa sa mga iba pa nitong kasapi. (The virtue of one family member may serve as model for its other members.)

Ang bawat tao ay may taglay na katapangan. (Every person has his or her own brand of courage.)

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