She was a writer and educator.

She was one of the two women staffers of La Independencia, newspaper of the Philippine revolutionary government.

After the surrender of Spain, she founded the Instituto de Mujeres (now Rosa Sevilla Memorial School). It is the first school conduced by Filipinos that offers primary, intermediate, secondary, and collegiate courses.

Date of Birth: March 4, 1879
Place of Birth: Tondo, Manila
Date of Death: May 11, 1954

Values Exhibited:
  Love of learning
  Love of fellow beings

Learning Message:

Palusugin ang tanging kakayahang ipinagkaloob sa iyo ng Diyos sa paggawa at pag-aaral sa abot ng iyong kaya. (Hone your God-given talents through hard work and education.)

Ang buong loob na pakikilahok ay kailangan upang makamit ang tagumpay. (Commitment is needed to attain success.)


He was a journalist, poet, playwright, and revolutionary. He was also known as the Father of Pampanga Literature.

He wrote no less than fifty plays and zarzuelas. The poetic joust crissotan was coined from his psuedonym Crissot.

He became a Katipunero and worked with Maximo Hizon in propagating the ideals of the society in Pampanga.

When the Revolution broke out, he joined the forces of Tomas Mascardo until the Filipino-American War broke out.

He was a contributor to the revolutionary paper La Independencia.

Date of Birth: January 27, 1867
Place of Birth: Bacolor, Pampanga
Date of Death: July 12, 1918

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Ang pagmamahal sa bayan ay maipamamalas sa iba't ibang paraan. (Love of country may be shown ina number of ways.)

ang buong pusong pakikilahok ay kailangan upang matamo ang kalayaan. (Full commitment is needed to attain independence.)

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