He owned a wrope-making business along the banks of Pasig River in Bacood, Sta. Mesa. There, after work, he and his workers secretly made bolos, iron-typed spears, and sharpened bamboo lances in preparation for the revolution. They also gathered stones at the riverbank to use later as "missiles."

He led 100 men in attacking the police barracks at Sampaloc, But they met a bigger Spanish force in Sta. Mesa and in the unsuing battle, he lost many of his men and was wounded. Despite the situation, he managed to help carry the dead and wounded back to his home.

He was arrested in his home. Before his wife and son, he was hit with a rifle butt and pushed down the stairs. Five days later, he and three companions were martyred at Bagumbayan.

Date of Birth: Not recorded
Place of Birth: Bulacan
Date of Death: September 4, 1896

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Ang pagpapahalaga sa maka-demokrasyang pamunuan ay mabisang gabay sa pagkamit ng pandaigdig na kapayapaan. (Giving due importance to a democratic leadership is an effective guideline in achieving world peace.)

Wala nang hihigit pang katunayan sa pagmamahal ng bayan kaysa ang pag-aalay ng buhay para dito. (There is no greater proof of love of country than offering one's life on it.)


She was the first woman Mason in the Philippines who joined the organization in 1893. She took the masonic name "Minerva."

She was arrested for being a Mason. To make things worse, she was accused of hitting a Spanish friar, but this she did so only in self-defense, for the friar had tried to kiss her. She also refused to kiss the hand of the Archbishop.

Although she suffered from her father's execution on January 11, 1897 in Bagumbayan, she continued to live up to his ideals of equality, brotherhood, and fairness.

Date of Birth: May 29, 1875
Place of Birth: Manila
Date of Death: September

Values Exhibited:
  Love for fairness
  Love for fellow beings

Learning Message:

Ang pagmamalasakit para sa kapwa ay katumbas na rin ng pagmamahal sa sarili at sa Lumikha (Concern for one's fellow beings is the same as love for self and for God.)

May mga pagkakataon na kailangan nating yumukod upang makatayo nang mas matatag sa hinaharap. (There are times when we have to bend so that we can stand more firmly in the future.)

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