Highly adventurous, he went to work in Australia's pearl farms. He and Candido Iban later won in lottery.

In January 1893, the arrived in Manila and settled in Tondo. Here, they met Procopio, Andres Bonifacio's younger brother. Sponsored by Procopio, they were personally initiated by Andres as members of the Katipunan.

He and Iban donated part of their earnings in Australia to help the Katipunan buy a small printing press, which was used to print Kalayaan, the official publication of the Katipunan.

Del Castillo was part of Bonifacio's group that explored the Montalban mountains on April 12, 1895. In the Pamitinan Cave, the group declared the intention to fight for Philippine Independence. History considered this as the First Cry of the Revolution

Bonifacio commissioned Del Castillo and Iban to propagate the Katipunan's cause in Panay.

After recruiting a substantial number of members, Del Castillo was elected general of the revolutionary forces of Aklan.

On March 17, 1897, he led his men to Kalibo. The Spanish officials and guardia civiles, who were barricaded inside the house of the town mayor, fired at Del Castillo's group. Del Castillo was fatally wounded and died that same day.

Date of Birth: unrecorded
Place of Birth: Capiz
Date of Death: March 17, 1897

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Wala nang hihigit pang kadakilaan sa pag-alay ng buhay sa bayan. (Nothing is nobler than offering one's life to the country.)

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