She volunteered to the dangerous task of taking the original Philippine flag and sword sent by General Emilio Aguinaldo from Sta. Barbara to Jaro, Iloilo where the flag was supposed to be flown for the inauguration of the Revolutionary government. To fool the Spanish authorities, she and Lt. Honorio Solinap pretended to be husband and wife on a business trip. They rode a horse-drawn where under some grass, the fencing sword was hidden. She wore the flag around her waist underneath her skirt. Cursing and acting angry at Solinap, she managed to distract the Spanish soldiers manning the checkpoints and they were allowed to pass.

She was not afraid to be in the battlefield as she nursed the wounded and sick soldiers. She also collected war contributions from the Chinese in Iloilo and gathered food and medical supplies, arms, and ammunition for the revolutionary forces. For this, she was better known as the "Heroine of Jaro."

Date of Birth: April 30, 1865
Place of Birth: Dumangas, Iloilo
Date of Death: November 24, 1953

Values Exhibited:

Learning Message:

Kung tagumpay ang layon mo, maging malikhain, disiplinado at determinado. If you want to succeed, be creative, disciplined, and determined.)

Mahalaga ang tatag ng loob sa panahon ng digmaan o kapayapaan. (Determination is important in times of war or peace.)

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