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Itik Festival
Victoria, Laguna

Itik ( Anas Plathrhynchos Linn ) a breed of duck, is the main product of the town of Victoria in Laguna. This small, bustling town is the center of the duck industry in the province. In this regard, on the occasion of its 52nd year as a municipality, the local government launched the Itik Festival on November, 2002. Now on its fourth year, the 3-day festival includes free dental and medical clinic for the constituents, trade and jobs fair, nightly musical variety show, motor and car show, wall painting, chess tournament and volleyball championship on its 1st day. The 2nd day celebration includes activities such as the Irish Bikathon and the Gay Sports Fest. The culmination of the celebration is the much awaited Duck Fest which is participated in by all of the 9 barangays constituting the town. The event will not be complete without the colorful and boisterous Street Dancing and Float Parade participated in by the local officials, students and members of different civic organizations of the town. The parade starts at Barangay Masapang where a giant duck monument is located going towards the town center. A search for Miss Victoria is also held and to make the occasion even more shining, a fireworks display to culminate it.

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