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Girl Scout Uniform Guide

Uniform for Adult Members

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        Worn at all Girl Scout activities and when representing GSP at other events.

Blouse green GSP cloth tailored short sleeves, sports collar, opening in front secured with four GSP metal buttons, should reach the second hip.
Skirt of the same material as blouse, A-line (without slits) at least one inch below the knee.


- World Pin placed on the right collar
- Position Pin placed on the left collar
- Other pins as the Asia Pacific Pin Investiture pin and others are placed on a pin holder.
Pin Holder green ribbon with metal bar placed on the left chest, four inches below the shoulder.
Council Strip narrow rectangular plain, green cloth, embroidered with council name. It is sewn on the left sleeve, one inch below the shoulder.
GSP Strip narrow rectangular plain green cloth with "Girl Scouts Philippines" embroidered on it. It is sewn on the right sleeve one inch below the shoulders.
Shoes black
        for camping, outdoors and active or informal indoor activities.
White embroidered blouse
short sleeves, with sports collar and opening in front secured by snaps/hooks and buttons. Two vertical rows of green embroidered trefoil design line each side of the opening.

It is worn as an inner blouse of the basic uniform for formal events, ceremonies or special occasions. For casual, informal or office wear, the green overblouse is removed and only this blouse is worn with the skirt. The corporate scarf or bola tie may be used with this blouse.

When used with the green overblouse, the World pin and Position pin are placed on the right and left collar respectively of the white blouse.

Corporate Scarf square cloth with embroidered trefoil edging worn under the collar with the ends tied with an overhead knot on which is placed the investiture pin. The scarf comes in various colors. This is worn exclusively by adult members with the uniform for formal occasions.
Bola Tie colored cord with an investiture slide.
Stocking flesh colored.
Shoes black


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