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The Girl Scout of the Philippines Program

Patrol System

        The GIRL SCOUT PROGRAM is carried out singly and in small groups of 6 - 8 girls called patrols. Girls in the patrol follow a democratic way of choosing their leaders and tasks. They share leadership responsibilities. The Patrol Leader is elected among themselves and she is responsible for the whole patrol. The members are designated leaders with specific responsibilities.

        There will be two or four other patrols in one troop. The Members in the patrol take the following responsibilities depending on their interests and abilities:
The responsibilities of each officer are:
*The PATROL LEADER needs to know
- how to preside and conduct patrol business at meetings
- draw active participation from all members
- share and teach and relay what she learns at the Court-of-Honor and elsewhere

*PATROL SECOND or Assistant Patrol Leader takes the place of the Patrol Leader in her absence. She keeps track of badgework and outdoor activities.

*PATROL SCRIBE or Secretary records during patrol meetings. She updates patrol logbooks. She also handles correspondence and sends out invitations and thank you notes. She prepares and submits reports of the patrol.

*PATROL TREASURER handles the funds, keeps a record of money received and spent and sees to it that the patrol purse is never empty.

*GRUB LEADER takes care of the food of the patrol.

*SONG AND CHEER LEADER sees to the cheerful participation of the patrol in troop activities.

*HIKE LEADER sees to it that all members participate actively in activities of the troop particularly in outdoor activities.

*QUARTER LEADER takes charge of buying needed items of the patrol. She also maintains them in good order and condition. She takes care of the patrol box, patrol property, patrol corner or maybe patrol house.

        In the patrol, everybody's opinion counts, and everybody's talent is needed to make her patrol outstanding. Each patrol decides its patrol name, emblem/banner and patrol call/cheer. The success of the patrol is largely dependent on the Patrol Leader. She is an all-around girl, with a fair amount of initiative and energy, with a spirit of helpfulness, with a sense of humor and common sense. She is fair and knows how to get things done without being bossy. She listens to the ideas of her members and speaks for the patrol. She is someone who is able to sense the feeling of her group and expresses it.


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