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Project Cherish

        Project CHERISH seeks to bring assistance to all places where there are disadvantaged children, victims of circumstances. " CHERISH" means "to hold head", "to tend lovingly", "to protect", "to treasure", "to shield", "to support", "to depend", " to nurture", "to preserve", or "to hold in high esteem".

        Project CHERISH encompassing all these, was conceived to stand for: Children's Health Enhance and Rehabilitated In Scouting Hands.

        Project CHERISH takes place in a center where there are disadvantaged children - victims of circumstances. Because their parents are preoccupied with work and self-development activities, their children need care and attention such as that which the Girl Scouts can offer. Services would be sustained for as long as necessary and logistical support is assured.


The Philippine Centennials

        For the centennial of the declaration of the Philippine independence in 1998, Girl Scouts continue to celebrate the glorious past and future of the Filipino nation.

        In support of the objectives and efforts of the National Centennial Commission (NCC), to prepare for the Philippine centennial starting in 1994 and culminating in 1998, GSP has lined up special activities that demonstrate the history, struggle and solidarity of the Filipinos.

        The year 1996, which is NCC's "Year of the Filipino Heroes," marks the centennial of the Philippine Revolution and the martyrdom of the greatest Filipino hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, honors all Filipinos who fought for freedom, and promotes international awareness of the Philippine Revolution and its significance to the world. Nineteen hundred and ninety-seven (1997) is the "Year of the Filipino Spirit" which is the Filipino way of celebrating the gifts of creation. It is the collective efforts and habits as a nation, a way of enjoying life no matter what the situation is.

        Girl Scouts take part in this group undertakings by holding heritage camps, restoring historical monuments and markers, having special Scout's Own ceremonies, a tree-for-every-centavo, and rendering services along the Centennial Trail, among others.



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