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Girl Scouting in the San Pablo City   

         The Girl Scouting movement in San Pablo City began in August 1947 under the GSP Laguna Council with the following pioneers: Mrs. Diwata Aldaba-Baluyot, Mrs. Angelica Carunungan Almanza, the late Mrs. Leonora Borja, Miss Agatona Belen, District Supervisor Pablo Ramos and Miss Basilisa E. Gutierrez.

         The San Pablo City Girl Scouts became a chartered council in November 16, 1956 with Mrs. Virginia G. Fule as its president from 1947 to 1973 and from 1985 to 1994. Other council presidents were Mrs. Aurelia B. Bienvenida (1973), Mrs. Remily A. Avanzado (1973-1985), and Mrs. Renee B. Mercado (19941997). The present Council President is Mrs. Lerma Silva-Prudente who was elected for the triennium 1997-2000.

          Miss Basilisa E. Gutierrez served as council Executive from 1947 to 1982. She was succeeded by Miss Ruby C. Hernandez (1982-1985), Mrs. Lina A. Buencillo (1985-1988), Mrs. Evelina Consul (1988-1990), Miss Ellen Manila (1990-1991) and Mrs. Ma. Eileen C. Reyes, the present Council Executive.




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