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The Girl Scout of the Philippines Program

Service Auxillary Volunteers for Emergency and Relief

       GIRL SCOUTS SAVER is a special service program undertaken by a team of Girl Scouts and Non-Girl Scout volunteers organized to assist in Fact-Finding, Communication, Referrals and Relief Operations in times of emergency. It stands for Service Auxiliary Volunteers for Emergency and Relief.

        In addition to individual awards, there are at present, three recognitions in place: the Outstanding Girl Scout, the Outstanding Troop Leader, and the Outstanding Troop.

        Members of the Girl Scout SAVER Team are:
* Senior, Cadet and Adult Girl Scouts
* Adult GSP Members
* Non-Girl Scouts (male and female) who are invited for their capabilities and commitment
* Physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy
* Aged 12 years and above
* Residents of the same community

        Nothing can surpass the Girl Scout's joy for having served others in time of need. The essence of service permeating the Girl Scout SAVER is best reflected in the lines of the song SERVICE.


We are made for service to care for all men
We are made for love both time and again
A love that will lead through sorrow and pain
A love that will never die with strain

God sent His Son to show us the way
One who shares His love every minute of the day
And who gave His life that we may live
And the spirit to help us through the years

Life can be so lonely when nobody cares
Life can be so empty when nobody shares
But if man gives himself to help other men
The happiness of Christ will live within.



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