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Some Girl Scout Tradition or Practices   

1.SCOUT'S OWN is the way the Girl Scouts take time out to meditate about life and God with inspirational verses and songs. It is called Scout's Own because the Scouts compose/make it by their own selves. It is a solemn and spiritually uplifting activity. It is held anytime, in any quiet place.

2.GIRL SCOUT WEEK and Founder's Birthday is observed annually every September. Josefa Llanes Escoda's birthday which is on September 20, falls within this period. Founder's day is celebrated with Josefa Llanes Escoda Memento Ceremonies where troops contribute their share to the Escoda Memorial Fund.

      The JLEM Fund is used to finance travel grants/ or provide pocket money for delegates going abroad.

3.MAY 20 is observed nationwide as the GSP Birth of Charter Anniversary date.

4.THINKING DAY is celebrated every February 22 by all members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. February 22 is the birthday of both Lord and Lady Baden Powell. The 4th International Conference in 1926 designated this day each year so members around the world think of one another in love and friendship. In 1932, it was called Thinking Day with a collection of voluntary contributions to translate thoughts into action. This Thinking Day Fund was instituted to support international activities, relief work, development projects, programs, etc.

5.SCOUTING MONTH (October) is a joint celebration with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines whose founding date falls in October.