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Girl Scout Uniform Guide


        Worn at scouting activities, special ceremonies, church services, and other events by GSP representative.

Jumper cover all of green GSP cloth, sleeveless, with square armholes and two green plastic GSP buttons on the shoulders.
T-shirt white, collarless, round-neck, with GSP logo in front.
Short green GSP cloth, garterized waistband with secret pockets, length two inches above the knee.
Cap plain green cloth cap with gold trefoil design embroidered on the front part and firmly set on the head.
Troop Number embroidered numeral to be sewn inside the trefoil design of the cap.
Council Strip narrow rectangular plain green cloth, embroidered with council name, and sewn one centimeter above the brim of the cap.
Pin Holder green ribbon with metal bar worn on the left strap of the jumper. It carries the following pins in this order.

- World Pin- Twinkle Pin- Investiture Pin

        Pins may be worn on the badge sash in lieu of the pin holder. The pinholder may be used on other dresses for identification purposes.



Badge Sash bias-cut band of green GSP cloth worn over the right shoulder crossing to left hip.

N.B. - It may be removed during strenuous activities or messy work.

It is also used with the active wear uniform for ceremonies.

Socks white with green GSP trefoil print.
Shoes black, closed.

        Used for informal or outdoor activities. It is the formal dress uniform without the jumper. Rubber shoes or sneakers may be used in lieu of the black shoe


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