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Girl Scout Uniform Guide


As a flag is the symbol of a country, so is the uniform a symbol of an organization and its ideals. The Girl Scout uniform symbolizes the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

        The Girl Scout movement and the member herself is judged by the way the uniform is worn and cared for. The uniform should be:

  • well pressed, with seams and hems in order,
  • with buttons and pins well polished,
  • cap in place,
  • scarf properly tied,
  • belt fastened in place,
  • socks neatly folded and
  • shoes well polished.

        The green cap, troop number, pins, council strip, socks, belt and shoes are integral parts of the uniform. each one of these has its own significance.

        The wearer should enhance the dignity of the uniform by being clean and well-groomed with neatly combed hair, clean and short nails, minimal make-up, and simple jewelry.

        There is a uniform suitable for every occasion. The person-in-charge/event coordinator should announce in advance and specify the uniform required for a particular event.

        All uniforms must be purchased from the national Equipment Service and its accredited outlets. Worn-out uniform should be discarded. IT IS BETTER NOT TO BE IN UNIFORM THAN TO WEAR ONE THAT DEGRADES THE WEARER AND THE ORGANIZATION.


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