The old songs

I certainly donít have that "kind" of voice to sing well. But I undoubtedly has, I mean "had", the guts to sing and go crazy. That was when my "former" classmates were around and were singing with me. Itís just a sad thought that we could no longer be singing altogether in a single clasroom during every class break.
We love The Old Songs, as a "song" and as a general term. Maybe, weíre just really maturing teens who had outgrown rocks and "hippie" type of songs. Now, we much go for sentimental love songs (it happened that brokenhearteds dominated those who werenít) - and what senti songs could be better than the old songs, those from the past (70ís, 80ís and early 90ís)? Weíre still sad eventhough almost all of us now have those songs in tape and can surely sing them as we play them in cassettes hoping that, as a line in the song says, "maybe the old songs will bring back the old times," And they indubitably bring back the memories of our funny yet touching high school days. Whenever they do, we canít describe the feelings. Maybe because we didnít take time knowing what we really feel at all. All we know is that Weíre all alone now.
We really love those songs maybe because they taught us how to love- and the lessons in love, at least, in case weíre not loved in return. Always being All Out of Love may have gone us crazy, but the songs keep us sane- telling us that Weíve Got to Believe in Magic. If we really Canít Help Falling in Love, weíll surely find our Somebody as we live life- Somewhere Down the Road.
We sympathize with those songs, perhaps, because they brought out the questions we want to ask the girls we love- but weíre afraid of asking. The songs have the courage more than we do thatís why we have rely on them. We even wish that we could somehow be as brave as them to turn our feelings into words. We kept on asking, How can I tell Her? - how, when I canít find the right words? And when we came up with what we think are the right words- we canít still say them. The songs remain to be the mouthpiece - they were the ones who asked if Is it Okay If I Call You Mine? For us.

May 6-12, 1998 Volume XVII No. 19


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