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The MSC profile

      Born in response to a turbulent crisis in San Pablo's academic community five years ago, the MSC high school boasts of exemplary achievements. Through five short years, MSC and its students had.

  • Won more than a hundred awards in academic, cultural and athletic competitions in the local as well as the national level;

  • One of its faculty members placing first in the national examinations for teachers in the social sciences;

  • Won recognition for active and voluntary participation in civic affairs - giving proof of the student's development towards positive citizenship;

  • 98% of its students who took the UPCAT in 1999 qualified for enrollment in the University of the Philippines;

  • 97% of its first batch of graduates passes the NSAT.

The MSC Thrusts
  • Intellectual Competence

  • Civic Consciousness

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Physical Fitness

  • Emotional and Psychological Maturity

For more information contact:

    MSC High School
    Artemio B. Fule St.
    San Pablo City, Laguna 4000
    Tel (49) 562-4598
    Tel (49) 562-6006

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The MSC High School
Secondary Education emphasizing Science and Technology

      MSC High School aims to bring the best secondary course curriculum with emphasis on science and technologies to San Pablo City and adjacent communities. MSC aims to be later known as The MSC Science High School.

      Founded only in 1996, MSC High has a student population which includes the children of the area's leading educators, government officials and businessmen: proof of the high quality education which the school provides.

      MSC High School prides itself in building an environment conducive to the study of sciences and technologies.

The MSC high school

The years ahead are technologically challenging and awesomely competitive. Is your child ready to enter the age of computers?

  • MSC is the only high school in San Pablo City with an SEDP curriculum enriched with a well-backed up computer education program.

  • From first year to fourth year, students are provided with hands on computer lessons. Third year and fourth year students have a computer programming course normally offered only in colleges.

  • MSC has a computer laboratory with the latest in computer hardware. All MSC students have internet access and individual E-mail addresses.

  • The MSC library is a virtual warehouse of the latest reference book and CDs. Students can browse reference materials from all over the world at the flick of a switch.

And more. Science laboratory, air conditioned classrooms, a music room. A host of character-building organizations and activities ----

The MSC Secret
  • MSC maintains a pro-active relationship among parents, students, faculty and the administration. It has become the second home of its students, its teachers the surrogate parents.

  • MSC devotes a significant portion of its resources in a continuing teacher - advancement program - sending its faculty members to national conferences, training, seminars and workshops.

  • MSC ensures small classes so that students may be given individual attention.

  • On a case to case basis, MSC offers free remedial teachings, review classes, coachings and trainings.

  • MSC reserves its biggest budgetary allowance for the upgrading of school facilities and equipment.

  • A completely management staff constantly fine tuning school and students development design.

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