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MSC High School
Computer Laboratory Guidelines

On the Use of the Computer Laboratory
  1. Only enrolled students are allowed the use of the Computer Laboratory.

  2. Students may do computer work during their time slots assigned by the Laboratory Supervisor.

  3. Students without schedules may be allowed to use the computers depending on the availability of units.

    1. Students must first request for a Laboratory Permit from the Laboratory Supervisor or Laboratory Assistants.

    2. Laboratory Permits are to be signed by subject teachers for extra computer work.

    3. Permission on the use of computers will depend on the availability of units on a “first come-first serve” basis.

  4. Students are encouraged to save their case studies or files on diskettes, and not in the hard disk drives. We are not liable for deletion of students' files.

  5. Laboratory Assistants shall call the roll of scheduled students for each laboratory period.

  6. Regular students should wear the prescribed uniform with school ID during laboratory periods. Short course students must wear their ID’s in the laboratory.

  7. Eating is not allowed inside the laboratory.

  8. Silence is enforced in the Computer Laboratory to allow others to concentrate on their work.

Laboratory Schedules
  1. Laboratory schedules of students are prepared by Laboratory Supervisors.

  2. Students are assigned schedules or may apply for preferred schedules on a “first come-first serve” basis.

  3. Normally, computers are reserved to scheduled students. However, if fifteen (15) minutes elapsed, the computer may be considered available for use by non-scheduled students.

  4. Students should be considerate enough to use only their allowed period in the computer laboratory so that others may not be deprived of their laboratory period.

  5. Students are encouraged to finish first their assigned case studies or computer work during their laboratory period.

Internet Use
  1. Each enrolled student is assigned his own e-mail address and has the privilege of using the Internet for research and surfing on educational sites. Opening pornographic sites are strictly prohibited and may deprive the student of his time slot in the Laboratory.

  2. Students must remember that the use of the Internet requires certain norms, which should be strictly followed.

  • All MSC students with printing requirements shall observe the “Pay First Before You Print Policy”.

  • Students shall secure a printing slip and pay to the Lab. Assistant for the total cost of printing based on the number of pages to be printed.

  • Students shall provide the paper for printing.

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