Bagong Pook Elementary School
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   The emphasis on education is clearly    stated in the Bagong Pook Elementary    philosophy. Bagong Pook believes that    envision every learner to have faith in    GOD, belief in and respect for himself and    have deep sense of Filipinism to be    intellectually and culturally equipped,    morally upright, physically fit, globally    competive, disciplined and adaptable to    meet the demand of society.Provide a    school system manned by teacher's and    school personnel who are competent,    committed andf self-directed, innovative    empowered and accountable to the public    it serves.

   Deliver quality education emphasizing    knowledge, skills and character    development that will enable them to    reach their potencial and become    productive members of the society. The    pupils, the quality of education and benefit    it provide are the school concerns,    attention, effort and accountability.