Official Website of Del Remedio National High School


The official Website of Del Remedio National High School was made through the combined talents of the students who are all students of 4-A Rizal.After a series of conceptualizing and exchanging ideas among the members, finally they arrived with a complete concept of what would be the look of the official wesite of Del Remedio National High School. It become possible with the help of their computer teacher Ms.Ana Cruzat.

The team of Del Remedio National High School in Web Design Contest was led by Mark Dennis Romero, Arjay Yongco.Glory-Ann Villena, Rich Leanzapol Busog, Alexander Hermosa, Limarc Intia,Jeacel Jumento, Marie Magpantay,Jomel Lavarnez, Angelica Belen,Sheena Jane Marasigan and John Christopher Agapito.

They decided to group themselves into two to make their job easier because they believe that two heads are better than one. Mark Dennis Romero team-up with Arjay Yongco to make the design of the website their creativity was tested by this big responsibility that has been given to them. Glory-Ann Villena took his partner Alexander Hermosa to joined force in making the events.Also they decided to make a students corner to give the students a chance to share their thought and feelings about a certain issue that bother their future. Rich Leanzapol Busog together with Limarc Intia make the Faculty links and also they are the one who responsible for giving us the latest updates about our community. Angelica Belen, Sheena Marasigan, John Christopher Agapito, Jomel Lavarnez, Marie Magpantay and Jeacel Jumento unite to create the About and Gallery links.....Job Well Done Del Remedians!

Camia St. Patria Village,Bo.Del Remedio San Pablo City Tel no.:(049)561-2754