Admission Policy

The Niņo Jesus Science-Oriented Montessori School, Inc. (NJSOMS) is open to students with satisfactory academic work and valid entrance credentials. The applicants should pass the entrance examination given by the guidance office for the level he/she is applying for subject to the availability of accommodation and facilities of the school.

The students having been admitted to the Niņo Jesus Science-Oriented Montessori School, Inc. and having completed his enrollment agrees to abide by the rules and regulation set by the school.

The basis of the admission policies set by the school is the belief that only those students whose qualifications indicate a strong likehood of success and who can measure up its academic standards in the in the course they are enrolled should be accepted. As a general rule, therefore the NJSOMS admits only those enrollees who posses good moral character, personal integrity and maturity of purpose and behevior befitting an elementary student. The school reserves the right to refuse enrollment or re-enrollment to the following:

  1. The students who have physical or mental illness contagious diseases or other sickness as certified by the school physician which may be aggravated by the burden studies.

  2. Students with disciplinary cases considered grave by the committee on discipline:

  • 2.1 Students who have participated in incited,cause or led acts of violence , vandalism and other forms of utter disregards for law and order.

  • 2.2 Students who cannot abide by the rules and regulations of the school.

  • 2.3 Students whose attitude conduct and behavior tend to undermine the orderly processes and are not conductive to the promotion of the general welfare.

  • 3.Students who have been convicted competent court of crime involving moral turpitude or crimes of violence

    4.Students who have poor scholastic records specially those who in the previous term/year failed in 50% of all subjects.