Love or Friendship?
Ideza Carmela D. Magpantay

One night, I was doing my assignment and preparing my things for school. After that, I lye on my bed and think of many things. There’s a thought comes to my mind. Which is most important, is it love or friendship?
I started thinking about the answer until I remember Zsa-Zsa, my ex best friend. We had a misunderstanding which made our friendship broken. It was because of the guy that I loved! Back then, I and Zsa-Zsa are really close. We treated each other as true sisters. She is the one that I lean on when I have problems. Sometimes, I sleep over to their house and share my secrets and she tell hers. We always spend our time with each other, eating together and sometimes our teachers are getting mad to us because we are always noisy and laughing during our lectures.
One day, we are taking our lunch and there’s a guy who caught my eyes. He is so handsome and I think he is also talented. His name is Prince. We became friends and I’m so happy. My best friend knew about it. She is so happy for me. Until Prince became my boyfriend. We always spent precious moments together. But as time goes by, I changed. I never had time for my best friend; I always spend my time with my boyfriend.
Until my best friend is not talking at me. I tried to talk to her to apologize but she won’t listen. That day I saw her with her new friend and I feel sad. I cry and cry. I feel sorry for what I have done. I lost my best friend. Her new friend talked to me and said, “Do you want to know what’s happening to Zsa-Zsa?” of course I said yes. She told me that the problem is my boy friend. She was getting jealous because I always giving attention to my boyfriend. Her friend told me also that Zsa-Zsa thinks that our friendship is not important to me. I choose to ignore my feelings and starting avoiding the guy. I don’t want to lose our friendship so I did what I thought is right. Even though, it hurts me. I finally realized that “friendship is more important than love”, because friend is the one who you can lean on your problems and always there to help you. “Best I want our friendship back. I really miss you. Although it hurts me I did it for you.”