Prudencia D. Fule Memorial Nat’l High School is the newest high school in San Pablo city Laguna. Why it is the name of the school? Why not it was named after the name of place where it is located? It is named after Donya Prudencia Diones Fule, who was the true owner of the land where PDF is located. Did you know that “Bahay ni Lola” has an interesting history?
     Bahay Ni Lola was built during Spanish time that’s why when Americans came in the Philippines; this “Bahay ni Lola” played a big role in history. Donya Prudencia was not able to marry; only her niece Eusebia took care of her. Eusebia was the daughter of her sister Pacita and Donya Sebia who is married to Potenciano Malvar who is a brother of Miguel Malvar. We all know that Miguel Malvar was the last Filipino-General who surrendered the Americans. Gen. Miguel Malvar hid in “Bahay ni Lola”. Tita Ising our school-consultant said that her father was the barber of the said Filipino-General until her father became a tenant of the said house. He helps Gen. Malvar to hide in this house. It is said that Gen. Malvar was “taga-sabulag”which means that even when the Americans were there looking for him he could still not be found. Donya Prudencia got sick and her niece Sebia brought her to the white-house in San Pablo, it is known now as “Fil-Am Life” near San Pablo City Central School. It was an American/European style because Donya Sebia travelled throughout America and Europe. Donya Prudencia died in the said white-house without the last testament where she’s going to give all her properties.
     By 1960’s our very own Tita Ising became a teacher. Tita Ising together with their principal went to Donya Sebia and requested to give the land (including “Bahay ni Lola”) to the government for the construction of the school for the unfortunate children in this barangay. Donya’s Prudencia’s relatives divided her properties to donate the land area including “Bahay ni Lola” in one condition, this lot is for construction of school only but one family claimed that they were the true owner of the said lot and “Bahay ni Lola”. And by year 2006, after a long-issue about “Bahay ni Lola” finally it is proved that the land where PDF located is for the children of this barangay. Government decided that this lot will be used for national high school.
     By June 2006, the San Pablo City Nat’l High School (San Nicolas Ext.) was born. It is the first batch of the school, S.Y 2006-07 it is founded only with five respective teachers and our school-consultant Tita Ising. After almost 1 year of being the annex of San Pablo City Nat’l high School, finally they give our independence last December 19, 2007 the name of the school is no longer SPCNHS (San Nicolas Ext.), it is change to Prudencia D. Fule Memorial Nat’l High School (PDFMNHS). Now it’s not longer an annex of any school in San Pablo. It has its own identity, Prudencians! Be proud of being Prudencians, it is not like a big school but it is wealth in history.