Mrs. Villanueva Leads PDFMNHS

Mrs. Antonia Villanueva, Filipino and Values Education teacher, and also the librarian, now takes the place of Mrs. Laila Maloles as the Teacher-in-Charge of the school. Only this August when Mrs. Maloles was designated to be the new principal of Del Remedio National Highschool.

According to Mrs. Villanueva, she was really surprised because she didn’t expect this. She was overwhelmed with so many responsibilities and so many needs of the school, from cleanliness and beautification and other school facilities that need repair such as comfort rooms, faucets and drainage.

“It is really hard but challenging and fulfilling to lead the entire school because your responsibility is big, unlike when you are a simple subject teacher”, she said.

There are so many problems such as financial to finance the needs of the school such as the shelves for the books, the bell, burned out lights, our new T-I-C encounters. “A big problem also that needs immediate and prompt action is the old house that has been a frat house and a motel according to the residents nears the school compound”, she proclaimed.

Mrs. Villanueva is also thinking on how to resolve Prudencians discipline. Because of the low fence, students could easily cross over the low fence even during school hours.

As the new T-I-C, Mrs. Villanueva has been taking actions regarding the problems the school encounter. Students from I-B who are holding classes in the old house were ask to make remedy on that matter (frat house and motel). Used plywoods and galvanized iron were used to cover the openings where outsiders could easily enter. Cleanliness and Beautification Drive has also been implemented on the first week of August. The cleanest and most beautiful room for the month will be acknowledge during flag ceremonies awarded with cleaning paraphernalia.

Mrs. Villanueva added, “I would like to tell every student of PDFMNHS to cooperate in the Cleanliness and Beautification Drive, maintain their politeness and study harder so as to raise our Mean Percentage Score for the coming National Achievement Test. Also, I would like them to value the school in memory of the late Prudencia D. Fule, the donor of the school.