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San Pablo Central School is one of the sixty-four (64) public elementary schools in San Pablo City under Lakeside District.

Originally Escuela Pia

The first formal school was established during the Spanish period. San Pablo Central School was originally named as “Escuela Pia”. It was built through forced labor during the administration of Capitan Damaso Alcantara. Escuela Pia was destroyed by a strong earthquake in 1880. Fray Ramon Caviedos had it reconstructed in 1895. Only the Illustrados (rich people) were enrolled in the school which was located on the spot where the present Puericulture Center is built. The school was under the supervision of Batangas from 1880 to 1885. However, due to difficulty in communication, it was transferred under the jurisdiction of Laguna.

Don Francisco Sobrevinas from Majayjay, Laguna was the first qualified teacher sent by the Jesuit to teach in Escuela Pia from 1885 to 1887. Subjects taught were limited to the teaching of the 3R’s. Religion was given more emphasis. At the end of the Spanish regime, American soldiers aboard the “S.S. Thomas” served as teachers. Education was offered to all. A certain Mr. Rockley was assigned supervisor in Escuela Pia where English language was taught to the natives.

In 1908-1910, during the term of Don Cornelio Alcantara, the present location of San Pablo Central School was acquired. And, by virtue of the Gasbaldon Act, the first public school building was constructed. It was named the Thomas Jefferson Building whish is now known as the Mabini Building (presently occupied by Grade 3). Three intermediate classes were held while primary classes were left at Escuela Pia.