"Community Profile"

Barangay Santisimo Rosario, San Pablo City is approximately populated of 4,310+ inhabitants belonging to different socio-economic status. Geographically, this barangay is 90%+ agricultural site, remote rural area which is approximately 9-10 kilometers away from the city proper. Politically managed by barangay official chaired by Anna G. Calabia. This barangay is developing industrially, as of 2006, one derma soap factory & one bio-gas piggery are located at Purok Ibaba. 30% of the population belonging to middle age farmers & about 35% of the population belonging to young adults are working outside the barangay & city, mostly in Calamba City, Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao, Canlubang, Los Baños & Sto. Tomas. About 5% of the adult head of the families’ population are either working in Metro Manila or abroad.

The barangay is comprised with Batangeños, Caviteños, Tagalog, Visayans & Bicolanos. The barangay has the following sitios: by road are Ilaya, Gitna, & Ibaba; by coconut & other trees plantation are Manggahan, Ibayiw, Calumpit, Talang & Sagingan; by rice field plantation & pulo are Silangan & Kanluran.

The barangay has its access to TV cable programs, power tower & telephone (PT&T, Digitel & PLDT Wireless Landline. Adults & young have their cellphone units but no access to e-mail & fax communication. The barangay has difficulty in its transportation through jeepneys with no immediate time availability. High schoolers are not all studying at Santisimo Rosario National High School. Well-to-do & can-afford families are sending their children & teenagers to private schools at San Pablo City. Most farmers are sending theirs at Santisimo Rosario NHS. Santisimo Rosario NHS is comprised with students from Santisimo Rosario & its neighboring barangays Sta. Maria, Soledad, Calihan, San Isidro, Sta Ana. San Isidro & Bautista.