San Jose National High School

            MISSION & VISION

A well-managed performing institution that serves as the center of excellence in performing academically competent and value oriented individuals making them responsible citizens of the community.

A Motherís Profile and Farewell

She came. She saw. She conquered.

This woman has indeed conquered the challenging world of teaching!

It was on the 26th day of June when glee, praises, and hoorays filled the entire campus of San Jose National High School for the most anticipated news of the year scattered like wild fire---------
        Mrs. Linda C. De Leon, a former teacher leader, is now a principal!

Beloved and respected by her faculty, Mrs. De Leon now reaches the summit of her success as an educator. She highly qualified the examination for those who aspired to take Principal 1 positions. Besides being a newly proclaimed principal, whatís more about Maíam De Leon? Now, take a peek into her soul by glancing at her profile below.

  1. Complete Name:                        LINDA CAPUNO DE LEON
  2. Birthday:                                    June 27
  3. Highest Degree Attained:         Master of Arts in Education (CAR)
  4. Subject Taught:                         English
  5. Describe yourself in one word: Loving
  6. Most Memorable Moments:
  • As a Teacher :

    When my former student (now also a teacher in a public school)showed me his project in English he keeps up to now.

  • As a Teacher-In-Charge:

    When this school was established San Jose National High School thru my initiative.

  • As a Principal:

    None Yet

  • As a Mother:

    When my daughter graduated college (Electronics and Communications Engineer), thatís an achievement to me.

What do you love most in your profession?

Working with people especially teachers, students and the community.

When you were a student, who was your most inspiring teacher?

My adviser when I was in first year high school, she inspired me to become a teacher

How do you want to be remembered by the students in San Jose?

A good role model in their lives.

What are the outstanding characteristics of San Jose National High School?

A school with dedicated and committed teachers and responsible, disciplined students.

What is your greatest dream?

I have only only one dream for the school. SJNHS will have a lot and a building of its own.