Ambray Elementary School


AES sweep 1st place

Teachers,parents,pupils and some barangay officials joined together as S.Y. 2009-and prepare their respective classrooms. Some barangay officials from Brgy. II-B, helped the community of AES fix and paint some school structures. Likewise, Brigada Eskwela was set by the Department of Education and so the wh2010 begins with Brigada ESkwela held, last May 18-22. Coming from a long vacation, teachers are back to school to repair ole nation prepared forthi,both elementary and secondary. Land scaping of the school garden and the principal’s front yard were done with the help of Mrs.Amor CApuno,a grade five teacher and hired some persons to help her finished the yard. Mrs. Anna Liza Banayo, the school principal, do the monitoring as the whole AES community were busy doing their respective works.

June 1, 2009 marked as the S.Y. 2009-2010 begins. Pupils as well as their parents were all excited to go back to school. Approximately there were 1,200 school children came on the first day of school here in Ambray. These pupils came from the different barangays around Ambray and even from remote places. Teachers happily welcomed their pupils. As early as 6:30 in the morning, they were lined up in front of their rooms bringing their new bags and wearing their new shoes and uniforms; excited to meet new friends and classmates and of course ready to learn. Together with our very own principal; Mrs.Anna LizaBanayo, the whole teaching staff of Ambray say “Welcome back our dear pupils!”