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Oh! Thereís A Man in the Kitchen!

Would you be surprised to see a man working in the kitchen? Obviously, nowadays, nobody would be surprised. It is very common before our eyes to see a man in the kitchen. But thereís a family man who is a teacher and at the same time a canteen manager. Isnít that amazing?

We are so proud to have . Mr. Paterno Mojica in Ambray.

Sir Pat, a 34 year old man who hails from Brgy. San Gabriel, Teomora Village Phase 3, San Pablo City is happily married to Maylyn Cartina who is also an educator. The couple are blessed with a daughter named Arabela May and their youngest whose name is Matt Alfonso. We can call him ď Jack of all TraitsĒ for when you talk to him, he always has an answer to your questions. He is so knowledgeable. When he is teaching us, he is like a walking megaphone because his voice is so loud. Loud enough that it can be heard in the first floor of the building although we are in the second floor as if he is teaching in a huge auditorium. For him, he raises his voice while teaching to make sure that all the pupils can hear him and understand his lessons. The pupils of Ambray are always looking forward for Fridays because itís the day of the Feeding Program. Our heartthrob canteen manager that is Sir Pat, Ate Mylene, Sir Patís sister and Tatay Ipe help each other cook the delicious and nutritious food. When itís already done, he will call the pupils under the feeding Program and serve them with the appetizing, mouth-watering delicious food. To Sir Pat, seeing the pupils surfeit their hunger and hearing them say ď Itís delicious !Ē makes his heart glow with happiness. At present, we can hardly find such a kind man like Sir Pat. We strongly believe that such a kind man is a gift of God to all of us, who is able to serve people honestly, efficiently and remarkably.

ď Thank you Sir Pat. You deserve to have what you have in your life now, for you are a good public servant. Have a nice day Sir Pat!Ē.

How-toDo Lumpiang Kalabasa by Samantha Mae sismaet


1/2 kalabasa 1/4 kl. Of ground pork 50 pcs. Lumpia wrapper oil 2 eggs onion garlic salt grind black pepper Procedure: Slice the squash into strips Slice the onion and garlic into small pieces Saute the onion and garlic in oil. If itís already golden brown, put the ground pork and stir it until golden brown. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Mix the ground pork Mix the cooked ground pork and squash together with the scrambled egg. Wrap the mixed ground por and squash in lumpia wrapper. Fry the lumpia in hot oil until golden brown. Place the lumpia in a plate with table napkin to sip the excess oil and serve it while Itís hot