Ambray Elementary School



School Intramurals 2009 at AES was held August 1, at exactly 8 a.m. Pupils from all grade levels came to join the activities for that day. It was started by a meaningful prayer led by Mrs. Noraida Lector, followed by the singing of the National Anthem which was conducted by Mr. Arvin Gayapa with the guitar accompaniment by Mr. Efren de Macale and some selected grades five and six pupils. Important persons were present on that day. They were Mrs. Myrna Panagsagan ( district supervisor), Mrs. Madel Del Rosario ( District PESS Coordinator) and Mrs. Anna Liza Banayo ( School Principal). We are also privileged to have been visited by two division supervisors; Miss Rose Robielos ( ES 1- English) and Mrs. Francisca Ril ( ES-1 Filipino) who also gave her message to all. Mr. Jonathan Agno, the chairman of Brgy. II-B was also present on that day. To add glamour on that occasion, the muses and escorts from each section was presented on stage and the committee chose Mr. and Ms. Intrams 2009. Princess Alamag (grade V-A) and Charlon Eseo ( grade VI-B) were hailed the winners. The highlight of the occasion was the different playground demonstration from Kinder to grade six pupils. Each class presented a unique dance with different body exercises and folk dances as well. Cute and charming pupils danced on the floor together with their respective advisers. Miss Mavie Lajara, a grade two teacher was the master of the ceremony. The last part of the occasion was the different games hosted by the grades 3 and 4 teachers done in the afternoon. Go.. Ambray..Go.. The children shouted as they cheered their favorite players. Next>>>>