The yearly school Intrams was held last August 1, 2009 at Bagong Pook Elementary School. The event started at 7:30am with the parade of muses and escorts of each grade level, the candidates for Mr. and Ms. Lakeside. The candidate for That’s My Boy, student teachers and parent. To playground demonstration came after wherein the pre-elem and primary levels show their calisthenics presentation while the intermediate level their folk dances. The presentation were witnessed by the energetic Private Schools / Pre-Elem Supervisor Dr. Consuelo F. Santos and the Barangay Councilor Mrs. Lolet Liton.   

Ma’am Santos gave an inspiring message wherein she emphasized us the  importance of Physical Education in our lives.

After the program the students were divided into four teams namely: Red Team with

Ma’am Elaine Pacis and Ma’am Rhealyn Nebab ; Green Team with Ma´am Leah Carino and Ma´am Lorena Gading ; Blue Team with Ma´am Marita Matulac and Ma´am Vivian Abrigo and the Yellow Team with Ma´am Sharan Labajo and Ma´am Shirley Atienza. The PTCA officers who were in charge of the games contributed a lot to make the competition fun and exciting.

After the competition, the Red Team was declared the overall champion, Green Team 1st  runner-up, Blue Team 2nd runner-up and Yellow Team 3rd runner-up. The grade 3 and the grade 5 presentation were also chosen to represent the school in the forth coming District Meet.

The said event became successful through the whole hearted support of the principal, Mrs. Aida S. Conde, with the help of the teachers and parents as well.

SchoolIntramsNutrition Month

              July 2, 2009, Thursday opened the celebration of the Nutrition Month with a parade of the Grade I to VI pupils and teachers wearing their costumes along the vicinity of Bagong Pook. This year’s theme “Wastong Nutrisyon ay Kailangan, Lifestyle Diseases ay Iwasan” promotes the Major and Vital Health Practices such as No Smoking (Huwag Manigarilyo), Don’t Drink Alcohol( Iwas Alak), No to Illegal Drugs, Eat Low Fat, Low Salt, High Fiber Diet. ( Wastong Pagkain), Prevent Hypertension ( Bantay Presyon), Do Physical Activities

(Katawang Aktibo) and Manage Stress ( Bawas Stress).

              “This should not only be practiced during the month of July but for our everyday lives”, according of the Ministry of Healing. Grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator. These foods prepared in as simple and natural manner as possible are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength, a power of endurance and vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet so we must watch our lifestyle to have a prolong life.

First Grading Honor PupilsSY2009-2010


Grade I

1. Ma. Alyzee Verna Kalaw

2. John Carlo Saldua

3. Aedrian Alcantara

4.  Azyleah Morales


Grade II

1. Precious C. Garcera

2. Janine B. Chozas

3. Mary Jane Motar


Grade III

1. Christian Louie M. Cornista

2. Lourice Aeriel M. Cornista

3. Niña Angelyn B. Chozas

4. Jane Elealine B. Magda

5.  Airish B. Enero


Grade IV

1. Charles Andrei Dabu

      Kate Jusmine Hernandez

2. Lalaine Oabel

3. Elaiza Nicole Cardinosa

      Julia Mae Cortey

4. John Leonel Vergara


Grade V

1. Mary Ann Cristobal

2. Johanna Tiangco

3. Leanne Charishe Fuentes

4. Danielle Javier

      Kimberly Gesmundo

5. Jane Trisha Beltijar

6. Jaseenell Ognaya


Grade VI

1. Katherine M. Gabanes

2. Shena Kristel R. Dealino

3.John Mel Patrick M. Baet

     Ivy Joy Belda

4. Rick Voi Marius B. Codera