Junior Girlscout Day-Camp

The twenty-two Junior Girl Scout participants had their Day –Camp at Bagong Pook Elem. School last August 15, 2009 . In this whole day activity everybody had fun .The program of activities started at 7:00 AM. It includes song and dance conducted by Tita Shirley B. Atienza. Hand signal and whistle activity were conducted by Tita Lorena Gading. Flag folding and knot tying were conducted by Tita Sally D. Nanson. After  that, the girls were trained to prepare their own food . That was their most unforgettable

experience and the most challenging task. It was their first time to cook for themselves without the  help of their parents. They learned how to be independent young girls . It served as a preparation for their coming Councilwide Junior Encampment. The girls ate their lunch together with their troop leaders. In the afternoon, they participated in art works and games. After all the activities were done the awarding of ribbons to those who excelled in all of the activities followed. At 5:00 pm. the break camp was announced.



           "God made us stewards of all his creations and He wants us to take care of it "- a passage coming from the Bible that reminds us to maintain the beauty of God's creations by doing our duties responsibly and whole heartedly.

           Keeping this thought in one’s mind, makes the youth realize how pity the surrounding is because of the people who doesn't show concern to the environment .In line with this, the Girl Scouts Council decided to conduct a " CLEANING DRIVE PROGRAM "  held last September 2,2009. Our school ,Bagong Pook Elementary School , had been part of this and we were grateful because everybody participated and showed willingness in doing this task . The Girls Scout brought cleaning materials and started making themselves busy in cleaning. They wore their Girls Scout uniforms to show the world that they can help even in their own little way and they should be set as good

Make Surroundings Clean

example to others.

           Tiredness was set aside and happiness was seen in their eyes. The Girls Scouts were delighted at what they have done and they promised that they would always keep their community clean because they learned that " Clean and orderly surroundings are pleasant to live in".

           After all they will be the ones to benefit from their acts.

Scouts' Investiture

              September 4, 2009, the day when the Investiture of Star, Kab, Girl and Boy Scouts took place. Everybody who aspires to be a scouter was given a chance. They are so fortunate because they will be able to join the activities that the club will provide and will acquire knowledge that are applicable to the real-life situations.

         The ceremony was conducted at the BPES quadrangle will all the candidates prepared and ready to receive their duties as scouters. Lighting of candles, singing their hymns and reciting the Scouts Law were presented. Afterwards, participants were blessed and became part of Star, Kab, Girl and Boy Scouts.

         And as a member of the club, one must perform his/her responsibilities wholeheartedly as they promised the Scouts Law must be seen in their actions and they must be ready at all times.

         Of course, this event will never be a success without the help and supervision of all the moderators and troop leaders, and guidance from our beloved principal, Mrs. Aida S. Conde.

Congratulations to the Newly Invested Scouters!

Girls in Green