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-Kids Camp-

       Summertime brings church workers and community children together as they troop to a nearby site to camp. Cooking, arts and crafts, dancing and other activities are taught to children of different ages thus developing their unique leadership styles.


       To reach out to the community, a feeding program is yearly done by FEC. Church workers gather poor children and provide them with food. The recipient of this year’s program are children living near the railroad.


       First Evangelical Church workers usually invites doctors, nurses and dentists to assist them in their medical mission. Free consultation and medicines are given to patients.

       In consonance with FEC mission, FELC yearly celebrates FELC Sunday. Different activities are presented by the school staff and children.

       This is the school LOGO . . . We have also our school GOALS, VISION and MISSION to guide us in all our undertakings.

       The FIRST EVANGELICAL LEARNING CENTER teachers and children vibrantly rendering a song during FELC Sunday.

Developed by First Evangelical Learning Center Inc.