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-FEC Workers-

       First Evangelical Learning Center is paying tribute to the leadership of these remarkable, committed men and women, who in their particular seasons, had given FEC buoyancy, vibrancy and credibility. These great workers have shaped the movement pledging on their honor to do their best to serve GOD, country and mankind.

       To date, our Administrative Pastor is Rev. Ysmael D. Cataag. He has been with us since 2007. He was previously assigned at UCCP, Candelaria, Quezon where he served for four years. Here at UCCP, San Pablo City, he overseers the accomplishment of the church programs and activities, do community work and other church related activities and side by side with the men and women of FIRST EVANGELICAL CHURCH, he guides everybody in carrying out action-programs. Today, he serve as an enduring inspiration to all especially to the FIRST EVANGELICAL LEARNING CENTER children.

       All workers of FIRST EVANGELICAL CHURCH batted for excellence as they had generously given themselves to improve programs to make attuned to the times. The proper blending of all these strengthen the movement to help achieve the church mission and vision.

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