Political Leaders and Developments

In 1964, the highest leader in the place was Cabeza del Barrio, George Malihan Ciolo held the position up to 1954, Antonio Biglete Barleta replaced him up to 1961. Demetrio Bienvinido Sahagun acted as Kapitan del Barrio from 1961-1968 followed by Genaro Calpito Cabael from 1968-1974, Angel Ciolo Caouno served as Barangay Chairman from 1974-1989. Exequiel Amante was elected Barangay Chairman in 1989 followed by Pepito Hernadez Andal from 1992-1994. Jaemeroso A, Amante won in the 1994 barangay election. Some of the projects completed during his term are:

Construction of Barangay Hall 1995,
Construction of Welcome Arc,
Construction of Day Care Center 1,2 and 3 1996
Construction of Health Center 2 -1996