Coconut tress are gradually diminishing in Barangay San Jose due to land conversions. Raw lands are developed into subdivisions and site of government and private establishments

Laura's farm established in 2002 located at Purok 5 produces vegetables like Brocolli, Cucumber, Eggplant, Lettuce and othe kind of vegetables.

  1. Crops Produced
  2. Local farmers produce Coconut, Banana, Lanzones, Rambutan, papaya, and different kinds of Vegetables.

  3. Market Crops Produced
  4. Crops produced by Local Farmers in Barangay San Jose are marketed to the City public Market and in different parts of Metro manila.

  5. Poultry and Piggery
    1. Poultry
      1. Mely Alcantara Poultry Farm - Purok 5
      2. Nits Amante Poultry Farm - Purok 5
      3. Atong Pulutan Poultry Farm - Purok 4
      4. Atong Pulutan Poultry Farm - Purok 5
      5. A. Aguilar Poultry Farm - Purok 3
    2. Piggery
    3. There is no piggery farm with the vicinity of the Barangay. Some Residents have backyard swine.

Livelihood - Sub