Adams bags an Apple

“Excellence begins with hardship.”

APEX Club of San Pablo brought again their yearly competition August 31 at Rizal Hall, Central School- The Talumpatian 2009 with its theme “Wikang Filipino: Mula Baler Hanggang Buong Pilipinas”. Their main concern was to showcase talents of the competitors and for them to develop self-confidence

The pride of the San Isidro National High School Adams Arazo a fourth year student proved that he could also bring an apple for the school as he bagged the 3rd place in the said event tied with a representative from Laguna College. Bringing a trophy and a cash prize Adams went home with a big smile as he adds up to the prestige of SINHS.

As the battle for the oratorical contest started, all the participants were nervously listening to the speech of their rivals on stage. The intense pressure of the contestants added to their nervousness as they see the crowd listens to each presenter.

“It was really a memorable event for me, that is why when the announcer called my name, I was shocked and completely overwhelmed with the pride I could bring when I get home to our school,” he humbly shared.

He served as an inspiration to his fellow students who also dream of giving honor to the school. He gave the best so God gave him the best. This competition was the start of his long journey .He brought the smiles and honor to his family, to his alma mater and to his friends as well.

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