We at San Vicente National High School realize the importance of education in the future of our students in particular and education in our community in general. We keep in mind that it is the schoolís concern to influence lives by sharing our enthusiasm, professionalism, visions, and ambitions..

We are one with the parentsí dream of producing successful graduates. Thus, our initial focus is to help strengthen the character formation of our students. As we move forward, we have expanded our focus to all the learning areas , more importantly to English, Mathematics, Science and Technology and Filipino. We also focus on the latest in Information Technology.

We are continually trying to identify and assess the schoolís status in terms of educational facilities, studentsí development and performance and the future needs of the school. Plans are also formulated to enhance the teacherís effectiveness as educators and trainers.


San Vicente National High School is a performing school with complete learning facilities, materials and equipments achieving 75% MPS on academic performances through competent and efficient educators, producing productive and responsive learners.


To provide quality education through the acquisition of functional learning facilities, materials and equipments with the assistance of the stakeholders, to harness the educators in attending training and continuous studies, to improve the academic performances of the learners under a value driven teaching-learning environment.