St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church

It was on that momentous day of April 18, 1967
a church was founded in Farconville Subdivision
in Barangay San Francisco (Calihan), San Pablo City.
Said church was once part of the ecclesiastical jurisdiction
of Parish Cathedral of St. Paul the First Hermit, until its official separation
from the mother parish on September 15,1972 when Most Rev. Pedro N. Bantigue,
DD, Bishop of San Pablo, issued the Decreto for the canonical erection of the new
Parish of St. Francis of Assisi.
On September 17, 1972 Bishop Bantigue assigned Fr. Simplicio de Ramos as the first parish priest.

Like the birth of a new baby,
the birth of the parish entails
lot of sacrifices and hardships.
The original site of the parish
church was intended for a play
ground or basketball court. Both
the original and present site were
owned & donated by Atty. Alfonso
Farcon of San Pablo City. Upon the advice of Msgr. Elias O. Poblete,
then parish priest and rector of the Cathedral, a committee was formed to petition the courts for the exchange of the original site of the basketball court lot with the lot donated for the parish church. Said committee, headed by Atty. Rogelio Javier and Sis. Esmelina Purificacion, sought for the approval of Atty. Farcon regarding the matter. Eventually an agreement was signed between the city government represented by City Mayor Cesar Dizon and the Diocese of San Pablo represented by Bishop Bantigue for the exchange of ownership of the respective lots dated February 24, 1972. By March 16,
Judge Atty. Victorino Javier had petit
ioned the court for final approval.
The petition was granted in favor of
the Diocese as signed and attested
by Judge Manuel T. Reyes on March
28,1972. The church lot is approx-
imately 2,248 square meters.

"Pax et bonum! - peace and goodness to all!

St. Francis of Assisi Parish Priests

Parish Priests
1972 Rev. Fr. Simplicio de Ramos
1975 Rev. Fr. Fidel Menorca
1980 Rev. Fr. Emilio Palma
1981 Rev. Fr. Amado Clenista Rev. Fr.Antonio Atienza
1982 Rev. Fr. Pedro Valdepeņas
1983 Rev. Fr. Jerry Bitoon Rev. Fr. Maximino Maņalac Rev. Fr. Mario Castillo
1984 Rev. Fr. Maximino Maņalac Rev. Fr. Martinez
1985 Rev. Fr. Alex Enriquez Rev. Fr. Florencio Villanueva
1986 Rev. Fr. Jacob Gnalian
1989 Rev. Fr. Luciano Valenzuela
1991 Rev. Fr. Teodoro Real II
1991 Rev. Fr. Mardeo Reyes
1992 Rev. Fr. Noel Conopio
1993 Rev. Fr. Diwane Cacao
1997 Rev. Fr. Melchor Barcenas
1999 Rev. Fr. Gary Almoneda
2000 Rev. Msgr. James Contreras
2002 Rev. Fr. Danilo Fernandez
2007 until now Rev. Fr. Eduardo E. Arupo

Parochial Vicars

Parochial Vicars
2000 Rev. Fr. Marlu V. Marasigan Rev. Fr. Noel C. Artillaga
2003 Rev. Fr. Redentor A. Dichoso
2004 Rev. Fr. Miguel F. Rabino
2006 Rev. Fr. Gaylord Reyes Rev. Fr. Francis Eugene A. Fadul
2007 Rev. Fr. Nelson P. Hernandez
2008 until now Rev. Fr. Ariel S. Cardino

St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church

San Francisco (Calihan), San Pablo City, Philippines

Tel. No. (049) 562 3915