Saint Francis is called the little poor man of Assisi. He was born in the year 1182
in the town of Assisi in Italy. His Father's name was Bernadone.
Bernadone was a wealthy merchant of Assisi. Francis was
a very good-looking boy. He was merry and soft-
hearted. So he had many friends. All the
noble men's sons were his companions.

Francis was brought up in luxury
and gaiety. He spent a consi-
derable portion of his
wealth in extravagant plea-
sures. He used to drink with
the young princess of the land.

Did you know that St. Francis is considered as the First Italian poet by literary critics? One day Francis was joking and laughing
with his friends.A beggar came along crying for alms.
Francis, who was soft-hearted, gave whatever he has in his
pocket to the beggar. His companions mocked at him for his charitable
act. Dispassion dawned in his heart.The sight of the beggar set him thinking
about the poverty and misery of mundane life. He gave much money to the poor.His
father thought that Francis was wasting his money and rebuked him.

Sometime ..........after this,
Francis was laid up in bed for many
months on account of some serious disease.
He was about to die. But the lord saved him as he
had to carry out a definite mission in his life. The nature
of Francis was entirely changed. Francis prayed to the
Lord for light and guidance as to his future. He
had a vision of Lord Jesus. He made a strong
determination to renounce his old way
of living to thread a life of purity
and to dedicate his life
to the service of

Did you know that St. Francis loves nature and animals?