Before,During,After The Typhoon
Before the typhoon everybody thinks that this typhoon coming is just like
the other past in the country.Children from San Pablo Central School are prepared
for the coming typhoon.They listen to the news in radio,television and in computers.
They read the news in newspaper they search in computer too.
During the typhoon everybodies watching television and listening in the
radio for the news and happenings in other cities,province and barangays.The typhoon
is getting stronger and stronger.Water at the dam need to get out of some of their
water because of too much water.So its the other reasons why the residence that is
near in the dam got flood there place.Many people got angry to the dam owners and
president and officials.Many people died and lost their things,houses,love once and
After the typhoon,MMDA and Bayani Fernando just told to everybody there
is only one thing why this things happened its because of us!We cut trees and kill
the baby plant.But everybody feel so guilty for whats happening to us.After the bagyong
Ondoy the typhoons continous to came here in are country.
-Maria Paola V. Perez
The Horrible Destruction
At the time typhoon Ondoy occured many people suffered from hungryness,died
and was burried alive.Some places at Laguna were affected by the floods that typhoon
ondoy brought at the Philippines.Many people thought that horrible happenings
would end but we are wrong a new typhoon occured was named as "pepeng".Many people
are not yet recovering at the past typhoon Ondoy but the typhoon pepeng did not
gave them time to recover .Many people stayed at the evacuation centers,some at
the schools and some at the Malacaņang Palace.
-Maria Ardine Caila D. Angeles

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