San Lucas 2 Elementary School
                                             San Pablo City
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The legend of San Lucas 2

Once there was a place where small and dark people Lived. This place had no name. It's people were happy and free, the men worked for a living while the women kept the house and took care of the children. Then came the Spaniards white, tall and cruel people. Oneday or horseback, they came to see the place and the people living there . While roaming about they came upon a wide river with clear and sparkling water and spring bubbling in every place. They saw many children taking a bath and playing on the water while their mothers were washing clothes. Motioning to 0ne of the children to come near them, " El muchacho, el muchacho! Como se llma esta lugar?" the child, afraid and shivering to death nodded and didn't say a word.The Spaniard in anger held his shoulders and shouted,Dios mio! que habla enseguida, como se IIma este lugar ?"The child quivered the more, pointed to the water and said "Malinaw,Malinaw" Este es interesanto, Vammos! "the Spaniards said and left. From that time on the place was called Malinaw, the name the Spaniards thought was its real name. The name San Lucas came from the name of the image of saint First acquired by one of its residents but this was not long ago.

Vision / Mission

San Lucas 2 elementary school a performing school manned by competent teachers who developed youth that are responsive in the development of their total personality.